SPIRITO: it promotes wisdom and honesty, encouraging the inner truth of the individual to be established. It helps being oneself, without compromises and hesitations. Thanks to this stone “man can always be master of his own spiritual reign”, establishing his own inner truth. It is also known as the stone of friendship.

PSYCHE: it promotes conscience of the self, dignity, honesty and rectitude. It makes the individual extrovert, facilitating the expression of his feelings.

MIND: it helps us to show our inner truth through the eyes, allowing others to see it and accept it more easily. At the same time it encourages us to express with all honesty our opinions. It helps to handle conflicts.

BODY: it is indicated for ailments of the larynx, vocal cords and neck region in general, especially when they are caused by repressed anger. Moreover, it produces a decrease of pressure, it regulates the functioning of the thyroid and it regulates the menstrual cycle.


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