SPIRIT: it promotes free thinking for the individual that desires to live independently his own life. In that regard, it gives awareness about external influences that can hinder the realization of goals and it helps to neutralize them. It tends to give the individual a radical attitude, less inclined to compromise, especially in front of obvious injustices. At the same time, it helps to restore the person’s own existence and to adopt a lifestyle that gives space to stability but also to dynamism. It gives creativity and imagination enhancing the desire for freedom.

PSYCHE: it creates awareness of the self’s repressed emotions without reinforcing their expression, but letting them emerge gradually. For this reason it helps to get in touch with the unconscious. To be able to work in this direction, it needs, however, an external motivation that can stimulate the subject to explore the depth of his own being. It gives emotional stability, offering trust and the ability to get out of confusion.

MIND: it helps to overcome dependency, stiff ideas, narrow mindedness and thinking and behavioral models that are limited. It helps to restore and maintain a certain mental order, allowing the re-elaboration of past experiences. Its ability to let emerge the link between concepts that are apparently not related, underlying the big picture, makes fluorite and excellent aid in the learning processes. In other words, it stimulates the development of the logic and cognitive skills.

BODY: it stimulates the regeneration of the skin and mucosa, especially fin the respiratory tract and lungs. It is useful in preventing the possible occurrence of tumors or to prevent a wound from becoming infected. It reinforces bones and teeth. It lessens the risks of deformation during growth, preventing postural problems. It gives agility and flexibility, fighting stiffness and issues of the articulations, including those related to arthritis. It stimulates the activity of the nervous system, especially the brain, alleviating psychosomatic allergies.