SPIRIT: stimulates spiritual awareness and facilitates and raises consciousness of reality in the soul. It strengthens the sense of justice, critical thinking and gives honesty and rectitude. As a meditative stone it is useful because it enhances introspection, revealing to the individual his own inner wisdom.

PSYCHE: it becomes useful in sad moments, especially when they are caused by damages or suffered losses, allowing healing. It eases the surfacing to the conscience of oneiric images. Amethyst encourages inspiration and intuition.

MIND: it promotes awareness and moderation. It helps the subject to go through the focus and efficiency of thought processing, helping to override maniac and uncontrolled mechanisms.

BODY: it eases pains and tensions, especially those linked to migraines, wounds and swellings. It resolves ailments of ectodermic organs. It is, therefore, useful in the ailments of the nervous system, lungs, respiratory tract and skin. In the guts it regulates the flora and reabsorption of liquids.