SPIRIT: it promotes the need for introspection. Induces a serene vision of the world and helps to create within the self the answer to personal questions. It facilitates a critic analysis of the individual’s experiences promoting spiritual growth as well as stability and realism.

PSYCHE: it makes the person feel safe and protected, less tense and enables him or her to better handle external influences. It activates the power of memory, also allowing the surfacing of memories of previous lives.

MIND: it promotes rational logic thinking, encouraging the individual to go to the core of the problem he is facing. The stone helps to elaborate pragmatic solutions that will have to be applied to reality with calm and assertiveness. It favors focus on what is essential, avoiding lack of organization.

BODY: it has a similar function as that of the human aura, serving as protection for the entire being and harmonizing and stabilizing health. Moreover, it aids in the regeneration and growth, with a protective function during pregnancy. It is indicated in ailments of the eye like conjunctivitis and in problems related to the gastrointestinal tract.


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