Timeless jewelry

In 1996, thanks to the unlimitd creativity of Rosi, “La Signora degli Anelli” was born.

The strength and charm of the creations of “La Signora degli anelli”, seduces, in 2002, the warrior spirit of Micia who decides to leave her job at the bank to join

in this great adventure. “La Signora degli anelli”

joins the truth of their roots with a great passion for art in jewelery.

Craftsmanship, uniqueness and exclusivity are always the fusion of the search of the new and creating timeless jewelery.

All rigorously made of copper, some silver plated or gold plated and enriched with precious and semi-precious stones. The jewels created by “La Signora degli anelli” fit each finger thanks to a special closing system.

Nothing has been left to chance, the stones selected one by one, the unique and unrepeatable design, the absolute refusal to use nickel or other harmful substances in jewelery production, as well as the choice to always use copper: a Metal with great healing properties.


it all started like this

Micaela Zambelli

Through a friend I know Rosi, then becoming his client, and with the passage of time, for fun and joking, he proposes to take over the business. So after 14 years of bank I resign and to January 1, 2002 begins my new big challenge, which today after more than 10 years is always a source of great satisfaction!

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